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Visual Wildlife Warning Device

Efficient and cost-effective protection for wildlife and road users.

Optischer Wildwarner Blau

Visual Game Warning Device Lightblue

Optischer Wildwarner Weiss

Visual Game Warning Device White

Optical wildlife warning devices have small mirror surfaces arranged differently from one another, which reflect headlight.

Versions with white or blue reflectors are available.

  • The approximately 360 reflective surfaces are arranged differently from one another, so that many flashes of light are generated by the incidence of light.

  • To ensure that headlights are completely reflected away from the road, the angle of the reflector facets is designed to prevent road users from being dazzled.

  • Due to the different arrangement of the reflector facets, the intensity and orientation of the light flashes is variable, thus avoiding a habituation effect of the game.

  • The reflector elements can be replaced individually

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