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The acoustic-optical wildlife warner - Optimum accident protection for people and wildlife.

Akustisch-optischer Wildwarner «Day & Night» ohne Funk

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In Switzerland, the amount of damage caused by accidents with wild animals is estimated at more than 50 million Swiss francs. The AXA insurance company alone registers more than 3,000 accidents involving wildlife every year.


Our wildlife warning devices are designed and manufactured based on sound scientific research. The current models provide over 90% protection against accidents between people and animals.

Acoustic & Visual wildlife Warning Device for Railways

Acoustic & Visual wildlife Warning Device for roads

Visual wildlife Warning Device


New challenges in road traffic (e.g. lighting, more frequent connections) and in rail traffic (e.g. high-speed trains) are constantly flowing into the development of optimized wildlife detectors.

Choose the ideal wildlife warner for your topographical conditions. We will gladly and competently advise you.

Optical wildlife detectors reflect part of the headlights of cars into the landscape. The animal is thus deterred from crossing the traffic routes.

Acoustic Wildlife detectors additionally alert the animals to approaching traffic by emitting a sound signal. A significant advantage is that the animal crossing is not completely prevented by the wildlife detectors. The devices send out their optical or acoustic signals only when a car or train is approaching.

Our brackets allow a trouble-free installation of the game detectors along country roads and railroad lines.

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Find answers of the most frequently asked questions about our wildlife warning devices here.

Current findings on the behavior of animals have been incorporated into the development of the acoustic-optical WEGU wildlife warning devices, so that the efficiency of accident protection has been significantly improved. The versions with or without radio signal also allow flexible positioning in different terrain, which massively improves the effectiveness of accident protection. It is also important, the animal is warned even during the day and in the twilight period.

The versions with radio signal allow the alarm signals to be forwarded over a long distance in advance, so that the animal is warned at an early stage.

There are the purely optical WEGU wildlife detectors, which “flash” headlight through a large number of reflector mirrors into the area facing away from the road. They achieve their effect only at dusk or in the dark; accident protection in general is limited.

The acoustic-optical WEGU wildlife alarms are significantly more efficient. The latest technological advances enable alarm systems that operate maintenance-free, without batteries, with solar power. The animal is alerted both by LED light flashes and by a warning tone.
The acoustic-optical WEGU wildlife detectors are available without radio (suitable for straight routes) and with radio (for unclear terrain).

All WEGU wildlife detectors can also be used in combination.

Essentially, three points. Firstly, results of research on the behavior of wild animals have been taken into account in the design of the alarm signals and their arrangement on the wildlife warner. Second, absolutely maintenance-free operation, without batteries, is ensured by solar cells and capacitor. The housing is robust, sealed and the wildlife warner is functional in all weather conditions. Thirdly, the acoustic-optical WEGU wildlife warner with radio enables a warning of the game, and thus an efficient accident protection, over a long distance in time.

As a rule, the acoustic-optical WEGU wildlife warning devices are mounted at intervals of between 50m and 100m on road delineators or in the terrain. The positioning depends on the terrain, the speed of the vehicles or trains must be taken into account, as well as which species of animal is to be warned predominantly. Therefore, the exact number of wildlife warners required can only be determined after the positioning has been determined.

Due to the alarm signals (sound, LED flashes) generated by the acoustic-optical WEGU wildlife alarms, animal crossing is only prevented in case of danger from approaching vehicles. The natural habitat of the animal is thus not curtailed. Animal crossing continues to take place to the normal extent.

Both the optical and the acoustic-optical WEGU wild animal warning systems are designed in such a way that drivers are not dazzled. The warning tone is also not perceived by drivers.

Proper positioning of the wildlife alarms in the field is critical to the effectiveness of accident protection. The exact planning of the mounting positions takes much more time than the effective installation.

The positioning depends on the terrain, the speed of the vehicles or trains has to be considered, as well as which kind of animal has to be warned predominantly.

The positioning has to be planned carefully, we will be glad to advise you!

The acoustic-optical WEGU wildlife warner with radio should be in direct visual contact. Obstacles such as trees or concrete pillars can interrupt the radio signal.

In order to avoid radio interference, these wildlife warners must not be mounted with magnets, but exclusively with screws.

The acoustic-optical WEGU wildlife detectors are already widely used on railroad lines. Radio-based animals detectors are particularly advantageous, as they can warn animal in good time of track changes over long distances by means of alarm signals.

The housing is made of durable ABS plastic and is hermetically welded. The internal components are protected. Snow, rain or intense sunlight, temperatures between -30°C and +70°C do not affect the functionality of the wildlife warner in any way.

Due to the energy supply via solar cells and the energy storage with capacitor technology, the acoustic-optical WEGU wildlife warners are autonomously always functional and maintenance-free. There are no batteries to replace. Depending on dust, leaves or similar deposits, the wildlife alarms can be cleaned occasionally with a damp cloth.


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